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Just passed out last week leaving my work.

From: Bonnie Elena


Just last week I passed out in the parking lot of my work with two co-workers. We were in the parking lot talking and I felt the sypmtoms come on of tingling through my body, light-headed, clamy feeling all through-out my body, and severe tunnel vision that led to me falling on the ground slowly and hitting my mouth on the pavement. The funny thing is I knew it was going to happen, but I though I could work my way through it by relaxing and breathing slowly. I tried to keep it hidden, because I did not want to worry my co-workers. This has happened all through-out my life and now that I am 24 years old it seems to be increasing more and severely. This episode just wiped me out that I had to be driven home. Even the next day i felt disoriented and weak. This particular episode is unique because I passed out twice. After I passed out and fell on the pavement my co-worker lifted me into the car and she said I came to, but a minute later passed out again. Another episode happened less than eight months ago, but in the shower. Same symptoms started occuring so I knew I had to get out of the shower. I thought I could make it, but suddenly my body almost became paralyzed so I called my boyfriend to the bathroom. Unfortuantely, I didn't make it. My boyfriend found me on the ground of the bathroom passed out and pale as can be.I ended up hitting my head .He said I was out for 5 minutes. I just recently learned of the V-V condition after going to the doctor for this most rescent episode. I've been doing some research, but want to know if it's linked to any other heart conditions? Can it be detrimental besides hurting yourself whild fainting?

Usually I can mind over matter my way through it, but now I find myself not being able to anymore.

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