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An experience of a 22yr old male



I would be interested in knowing what you think of my 22 yr old son's experience. Last year, he was upstairs in a small bedroom on a hot July evening. He thought he might have had food poisoning and was trying to lie comfortably to deal with his feelings of nausea. He believes that he felt SO nauseous that he clenched his teeth so hard to the point that his upper teeth were cracked by his lower teeth. His room-mates were alerted by a loud bang, and when they looked in on him, he was laying on his futon with his mouth bleeding. He went to the emergency room and was given some Compazine for his nausea and some Tylenol with codeine to deal with the pain from breaking his two front teeth. One tooth was cracked off diagonally, and the second tooth was hanging by its roots. Neither tooth could be saved. The dentist said there was no way he could have cracked his teeth without having some kind of exterior impact, but my son can not recall what happened. I thought maybe he hit the porcelain bowl while throwing up, but he wasn't near the bathroom.

I just learned about vaso-vagal, and maybe now, we have an explanation for what happened to his teeth last year.

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