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vaso vagal???

From: Jill..Melbourne Australia


Hi! My son is 15 and half yrs old. 5 mins into a 10 mins 'sweat test' to test for C.Fibrosis (which a week later came back negative), he said he was feeling really unwell, went white with grey under his eyes and proceeded to collapse to the floor all clammy (sweaty). The Dr's came running (as he was having the test as an outpatient at a hospital) and said he had a vaso vagal. 20 mins later after lying down, he was weakly ok but finished further blood and chest x-ray as dr.wanted for the C.F. test, and we went home. Four days later it happened again on a train in the country where an ambulance took my son to hospital(after loss of consciousness....on the ground and trembling terribly till it came). The country hosp. gave him an electrocardiogram which although circles were placed on parts of it, we were told he was ok.Both times he had overwhelming nausea that lasted all day.He was given stemitil and sent home.It happened again when the stemitil wore off so another visit back to the hospital. Back in the city, it happened the day after we got back and he was admitted to the childrens hospital for 4 days of tests as I have SVT.(his mum). He had ultrasound on his heart,stress test,eeg,ekg and blood tests but was cleared. He is so frightened of them but he can be well and back to his normal self for a week,then bang just like that he is sickly again that he find is hard for him to explain in words the symptoms,although I can see the color dran from his face.He is now seeing a child therapist (taught him diaphragm breathing) but he did have a gastro virus 3 weeks before first episode. I have also wondered if it was the pilocarpine(sp?) that was painted on his arm before the electrode current was turned on his arm for the sweat test. I am a nervous wreck as there doesnt seem to be any set answers and I never know if he is even going to make it through a school day anymore. I feel as though the electric current stimulated the vagus nerve perhaps and now its doing weird things but what do I know, except when I push on MY carotid artery it stimulates the vegus nerve and I feel sick so could it have been the sweat test electrode stimulating his vegus nerve???? Eternally grateful for any response as he is doing it tough even though I offer encouragement.

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