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Re: Daughter aged 5 diagnosed with Vaso-Vagal Reaction




I had the same problem when I was her age and younger. My mom could not leave my side and was unable to find a sitter capable of watching me. When I was very young 3 months to about 7 years I was really bad, somewhat like your daughter. I would pass out on stairs, on my bike and other dangerous places. Since my mom could not be with me at all times I was made to wear helmets when riding a bike and told not to go up stairs or do ANYTHING in which could cause me to pass out unless I talked to someone first and they watched me. After about age 6 or 7 I stoped having these episodes constintly and usually have them when I have blood taken out or am poked. I wrote an insert in here a few weeks ago "Vaso-Vagal caused my car accident" - this was from being stung by a bee or wasp. Usually I have them about once a year now - My advice (I am not a doctor, but I have been through this same thing as your daughter) is that your daughter may grow out of it a little (less frequent episodes) but always watch her. Because I don't think these episodes ever go away completely. I have heard of several people say that they wen't dormit for years, but then they came back (kindof like mine). If you can teach her what to do to prevent one she will be eventualy able to take care of herself. (my doctor says lay on the ground with your legs up - like against a wall - this is to get your legs above your heart, it seems to work if you have warning).

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