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Vasel Vegal Caused My Car Accident



Monday, 6/23/03 I was stung by a wasp. Since I am not allergic to wasp I thought it was fine for me to drive. I started driving and felt faint. I thought best to pull over because I faint alot (Doctor says it is Vasel Vegal). Well I was in the left turn lane to turn off the road - So not to cause an accident. The next thing I knew I was being woken up by a fireman and my car was totaled I was so scared, because I just didn't know what happened to me. I was put on a backboard and was strapped down. They gave me oxegan to help with the dizzy ness. Since I do not know what happened once I stopped at the light I had to find out from witnesses. The witnesses said I passed out (or what looked to be passed out) and the car just took off. Luck was on my side, because my car held up very well and I am ok and everyone else is fine. I hit a stoplight at about 30-35 mph (I don't know exactly) The light fell on another car and hit their hood. Put a hole right through the battery. They were lucky that it didn't go through their windshield. My car apparently spun and hit a third car. I was tied up with the fireman and the ambulance so I never talked to the third driver. I couldn't believe that a little wasp sting would do this to me and cause this huge accident. I have always been one to pass out - I know now that my "trigger" is needles and cuts, but didn't think of the sting. - I have been passing out since I was three months old - I am now 22. The doctor said I could have vasel vegal about 1 year ago, but I never thought it would cause me to have such a bad accident. I have passed out in school before and at doctors offices. I have been tested for everything includding epelepsy. I do have two heart arrithmias - Could this be a cause of the vasel vegal or make it worse? It seems to be getting worse? Is their anything I can do? Now, I have to take more test, and I am scared they will take my license (even though I haven't driven since) actually the thought of driving scares me to death, because everytime I think about stopping at a stop light I am freaked out by the thought that I may wake up on the other side - and have killed someone especially here in Hawaii, because parents do not put their kids in car seats. Please help - my doctor is not much help - and we live in Hawaii and I can't find anyone that knows more.

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