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Re: driving with vaso vagal



Alison ,

Tilt test are used over here. Basically you sit on a bed, the bed tilts to an angle of around 70 - 80 degrees, all this happens while you are strapped to various heart monitors etc, Luckily , .. or unluckily for me it took about 5 seconds for me to pass out. The cardiologist even joked about the fact I said it would never work. It sounds a bit severe however I passed out, flatlined for about 25 seconds and due to the flatlining had a seizure. It took around 20 miuntes for me to get normal heart rhythm back. This gave the cardilogist the proof he needed to convince me to have the pace. The pacemaker would stop me flatlining, and would therefore stop me having seizures. Once the Pacemaker was put in December 02, I got my drivers licence back on Xmas eve.

At the time I was scanning every website forany info on these conditions, some tilt table stories get pretty gruesome as they can go on for 90 minutes and then they start injecting you with various drugs to try to induce a response. I had all the ECG's etc done, I hope yours goes / went well. Please feel free to to ask any questions. I can at least give you the benefit of my experience.

Lee UK

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