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Vaso Vagal

From: Rebel Chevy


My attacks began happening about 3 yrs ago and just as your article said my Dr didnt seem to worried about them. It started out as just a dizzy type feeling, but mine somehow was always associated with a leg cramp..... I cant seem to explain what I mean by that, but it was not an oridnary leg cramp, I knew the difference and when I had that leg cramp what was going to happen. I would feel very light headed then began to perspire terribly, and it felt like I was on fire on the inside of my body.... it would start at my feet and seem to rise ( the heat I could feel inside) I thought maybe I was exaggerating the whole thing, because for several of the attacks I was alone..... and could only explain what had happened to me. As the heated feeling would occur on the inside of my body I would begin to feel as though I were going to pass out..... I would begin to run cold water from a towel or something over the back of my neck and lay in the bathroom floor until it passed. When my husband was here for his first episode of it, I ask him just before he started to drench me in cold water, if I felt hot to the touch and he said " yes burning up".... so I knew I was not only feeling on fire on the inside but was also hot to the touch as I perspired, heart racing etc... The last episode I had, I was awakened from sleep feeling sick to my stomach but for the first time didnt have a leg cramp, but my stomach was cramping as if I had to go to the bathroom. As I entered the bathroom, feeling like I was going to throw up and had to have a bowel movement all at the same time, the attack began. So it seems to me that the only thing I have narrowed mine down to is... mine always seems to be brough on by some type of cramping in my body. I wish I knew more about this condition, because it is soooooooo scary...... I have not yet passed out from an attatck but my Dr says that it does happen and he has seen patients who have had an attack and had to be taken to the ER because they have busted their head as they fell, when they passed out from it..... real encouraging huh? My Dr's advice has been the same as some of the others, slowly rise from sitting position, make sure you are close to the ground so if you do pass out you dont have far to fall etc...... Again very encouraging huh? I am in my mid 30's , female, and have no health problems at all. No high blood pressure, sugar or anything and my attacks do not seem to happen at any certain time, so I have no idea until it is actually beginning that one is going to happen. Just thought I would add my story to the forum. I'ts good to know their are others who suffer with this as well.

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