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vaso-vagal & needles

From: Dawn


My son (twin A) passed out the first time at about 18 mo of age. He was to have a hemoglobin test and was in the room when his brother (twin B) had the test done first. He didn't pass out until after he had his finger pricked. After that first episode he has passed out each time a needle has come near him. Once I was just trying to get a tick off his back and he went down. Another time it happened when he fell and hit his head and he started to bleed. He saw the blood on my hand and then it happened. The most recent episode happened on the 15th of April 03. He is now 2 weeks away from turning 15 and he had a TB test done. He came out of the nurses office and seemed fine. He paced around the waiting room and I asked him how he felt, he said fine. So we started to leave. We made it as far as the front door to the clinc and this was about 5-10 min after the TB test was done and he went down. It always seems to be a delayed reaction. The first time it happend when he was 18 months I was told he could grow out of it - I keep hoping. He says he starts to feel heavy and usually he losses consciencness, he becomes pale, cold, and clammy. His blood pressure drops. Usually if we are still in the clinic he is given oxygen and is ready to be released about 20 min after the episode occurs. Twin B will sometimes pass out at the sight of his own blood or a needle, but not always. He was just fine the other day. Last time he passed out was a few years ago after cutting himself with his pocket knife while making his pinewood derby car. Unfortunately he lost his two front teeth that time. I've been told by the doctor that he can't help it. But can he grow out of it still? He is so embarrassed by this. Nothing I say seems to make him feel less embarrassed. After reading some of the postings here, now I'm concerned that as he gets older he may start to have this happen randomly. I have been looking for information on this subject but I haven't had much luck. Can any one point me in the direction of more info. I think most of my concern for my son will be alleviated once I am better educated on this subject. Thanks for your time

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